Wise Owl Furniture Stripper 1/2 Gallon GreenEZ Furniture Strip & Clean

GreenEZ Furniture Strip & Clean

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Finally, an all-natural eco-friendly furniture Stripper and Cleaner (degreaser) that actually works! Green EZ Furniture Strip & Clean is a proprietary, extremely effective, environmentally friendly compound that combines powerful coatings and adhesive removal action without fumes or dangerous chemicals.

The low VOC soybean oil-based stripping formula will quickly remove multiple layers of paint and varnish without harsh odors and chemicals. Make sure to shake and/or mix well before use.

The degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent used after stripping to rid your surface of any leftover residue. Additionally, the degreaser is an excellent cleanser to be used prior to painting even when not stripping. Use straight from the bottle or follow the mixing instructions on the packaging.

As with all strippers and cleansers, a mask and gloves are recommended. Please note that the degreaser is strong and will remove paint from surfaces so use with caution around your finished inventory.

* water dispersible, non-caustic, solvent-free formulation
* made from sustainable resources using green technology
* dissolves adhesives, sealers, paint, and coatings
* delayed dry time allows for easier application and handling
* semi gel consistency facilitates a vertical application
* user and eco-friendly formula
* No hazmat shipping con concerns
* Please note it is always best practice to use a respirator          & gloves when stripping paint or varnish

APPLICATION: Green EZ® Furniture Stripper should be shaken or lightly mixed before use to ensure uniformity of the cleaner. Apply by use of a brush to all exposed areas. Green EZ® Furniture Stripper is of medium viscosity and should be applied in a thick, even layer. Allow the material adequate time to penetrate and react with the coating which will aid surface softening and speed the removal process. GGreen EZ® Furniture Stripper works best with longer dwell times of 3-4 hours minimum. Depending on coating type or thickness, overnight applications are sometimes helpful. Green EZ® Furniture Stripper will remain wet for several hours, so the user should refrain from any scraping of the entire surface until the surface has had time to loosen. Note that the longer the Green EZ® Furniture Stripperremains on the surface, the easier it will be to remove the subsequent coating. Check periodically with a scraper in random areas to make sure the Green EZ® Furniture Stripper penetrating all the way to the substrate base. If any coating remains on the surface from the first stripping pass, the sequence should be repeated if necessary until all coating is softened and remove.