Getting Started with Fusion Mineral Paint


The secret to a beautiful finish is to apply Fusion Mineral PaintTM to a clean surface. FusionTM adheres very well to clean water-based paints and even oil bases, without the use of a primer. Clean your piece with our TSP Alternative to remove grease and dirt, and if there is a gloss, give it a light scuff sand.

Use an Odorless Mineral Spirits to remove soft wax, siliconized oil polishes, fire retardants or stickiness that the TSP Alternative degreaser was unable to remove.

We recommend using FusionTM Ultra GripTM on very high-gloss finishes, detailed areas, or slick surfaces like Thermafoil that cannot be scuff sanded easily to improve adhesion. To stop bleed through of tannins or wood knots block first by using Zinsser BIN shellac.


Your tools for applying FusionTM are just as important as your technique. Keep in mind when hand painting a piece, part of the charm can be the hand painted look of brush strokes. To achieve a brush stroke free finish, use less paint on your applicator and use the finest quality tools. Try one of our premium Staalmeester® brushes or rollers for a flawless brush stroke free result.


A little goes a long way! Depending on your project, base color and chosen paint color, you will need anywhere from 1-3 coats for full coverage. Apply a small amount of paint on your applicator, and brush or roll end to end. If you can see paint lines or dimple marks, use less paint on your tools. If your paint is drying too quickly and creating texture or brush strokes, increase your open working time by adding our Extender into the paint.


FusionTM is dry to the touch after 30 minutes and ready for a re-coat within 1-2 hours. Cure time with all acrylic paints is 21 days. However, painted surfaces can be used gently after 24 to 48 hours of drying time. Longer dry and cure times are required for painting done in high humidity and cooler temperatures, or in cases where multiple coats of paint were applied. Be gentle the first couple of days after painting to ensure that perfect finish.