Allure Design & Creations Shelley - Filigree Carved Cup Handle w Label Slot - 4 Pack

Shelley - Filigree Carved Cup Handle w Label Slot - 1 Piece

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This beautiful Apothecary style piece is hand casted one by one and then completed with Undead Furniture Co's custom designed finish, making these pieces unique to the industry and unable to be found anywhere else in the US.  This is for ONE piece only  

Handle Measurement:

2 - 1/16ths inch Tall

3 - 7/8ths inch Long

7/8ths inch Deep (Projection)

3 - 3/8ths inch from center holes

This hardware is meant to be attached with the included hardware screws on to the front of the furniture piece and does not require holes to be drilled through the entire face of the cabinet door or drawer front. This ensures you will not need to measure your existing hardware holes and be limited to the current width without use of additional power tools. Just fill your existing holes with some wood filler, sand flush with the piece and you are good to go! These cup handles can also be strategically placed over some of the existing holes without needing to fill them, specifically single hole handles and handles that had existing widths smaller than of these new pieces. Each hardware piece has a slot to add labels if desired. Please see photos for reference of handles with and without labels.


Each package contains ONE pull.